1. Habituation Workshop June 2010

Due to popular demand we will be holding a Habituation Workshop for landowners that want to acquire the necessary skills to habituate resident Leopards. If you are interested in attending please contact us on


Nsele Team.

2. Jumbu – Male Cheetah doing Well

Our new male cheetah Jumbu is doing really well. He has gotten over his fear of vehicles and is letting us get rather close to him now. Several guests have recently had wonderful encounters with him. He is due for release on the general reserve in 3 months time.

3. Male Leopard Arrives.

A new large male has moved onto the reserve, we are in the process of trying to catch and collar him to further our Leopard research program. We will keep you posted on the developments in this regard.

Our resident female has had 2 cubs. She was spotted by our field rangers in the southern hills. This great news and means Nkosi did mate with her before his death.

4. “Lion Man” filming wraps up.

The team from the “Lion Man” concluded the filming of the Cheetah release this week. Despite rain, mud and many other challenges the filming went well. We also tracked the cats from the air, which was a real treat for the host of the series.

Chibula the tame white lion joined us on the landrover, which was something different for us to experience.

Dates of when these shows will be aired will be posted as soon as we know!